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(Y Hello! You are most welcome to my World. I am going to marry with a sweet girl very soon her name is "Barish Shukla My marriege Date is 30th April 2006 " I love her very much., "The Loveworld"- Navaneet Y)

  My Information :

  Name : Navaneet Mishra.
  Age : 25 Years.
  Height : 5.10" Plus
  Complextion : Fair.
  Eyes Colour : Black.
  Contact No: :
  Email-Id : navaneet_mishra@ridiffmail.com
  For Yahoo A/C users : ji_navaneet@yahoo.com
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  Movies : www.pyara.com
  Music : www.music.com
  Greetings : www.123greetings.com

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About Varanasi

About me...

Love... the soul of my Life

          HI, This is young, Dashing & Handsome guy...My name is Bond James Bond!! Just kidding, my name is Navaneet . I am Funloving & cool nature guy with nice sense of humor. I like to make every one happy. I love people & people love me.

Birth Date       : 11th May 1978

Occupation    : Software Proffesional & Now working with sify company.

Location & Address :
          The persons, who don't wanna know, they know my address & you don't know. What a Shame! If your question is about my address then my answer will be, "I am from out of the world".

My Hobbies :
          Making Web Sites, Learning Computer, Playing lot's & lot's of Video-CD Games ( I have Sony Play Station & Sega Games), Watching Movies, Music ( I can play Keyboard ), Visiting various monuments in my country, Some time I like to hangout with my friends & Chatting with my best friends on net etc.

My Dreams : Dreamz Unlimited ....

Favourite Dress-up : Jeans, T-shirts & Kurtas etc.

I like to Eat : Sweets & lot’s of Chocolates, Cakes, Faludas, Ice-Creams & in Dishes I like veg; Biryani etc.

Favourite Colours :Blue and White.

Favourite Sports : WWE, Football (My Favourite Football team is Brazil & Ronaldo & Rivoldo are my favourite Football players), Chess & Cricket ( Sachin Tendulkar is my favourite Cricketer) .

I Love : My Family, Friends, Love, Beauty, Innocense, Honesty, Smiling, the people who Love me, Shahrukh of course & lot's of other things.

I Hate : Can't say Hate, but ya I don't like Liars, Rude People, The people who hurt me or my any family member, The person who Breaks my Heart & specially those people who play with some one's emotions .

The Person I Admire Most

Shahrukh World   | Click Here |
          I think that if I don’t write anything about the great one Shahrukh then my web-site will be incomplete. I am very Crazy about Shahrukh. He is a lovely person, with a great sense of humor & personality & also a great actor. I Love whatever he does. I watch his movies at least 10 to 15 times, When I told the same thing to my best friend, she said to me that "why! Don’t you understand the movie after watching it first time." Isn’t it so funny. But it’s nothing like that I see them because I love to see them again & again because I love Shahrukh. He is the best actor in Bollywood. "He is the Best."

Sushmita World  
| Click Here |  

About Films...

          It's my Favourite time pass to watch movies, I like Romantic, Action & Humorous films.

Favourite Actors:

Bollywood : Shah Rukh Khan & Mr. Bachchan .
Hollywood : Arnold, Tom Cruise, Jim Carry, Jakie Chain & Jet Li .

Favourite Actresses:

Bollywood :
Kareena World  
| Click Here |    
Sapno Ki Rani  
| Click Here |  

Amisha Patel & Aishwarya .

Hollywood : Cameron Daiz, Angelina Jolie.
Lollywood : One & only, very Gorgeous "Reema".

Favourite films:

Bollywood : Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Yeh Vaada Raha.
And films directed by Mr.Raj Kapoor & Movies of Amitabh Bachchan
Hollywood : Titanic, Judgment day (Terminator-part 2), The Matrix, MI-2, Iron Monkey, Twice Deadly & 007 movies .

Favourite Director:

Bollywood : Raj Kapoor, Yash chopra .
Hollywood : James Cameron .

About Music...
          I am romantic person so I like romantic songs & also all type of songs whichever nice to hear. But of course some song which have fantastic lyrics they are very close to my heart, because I think lyrics are soul of songs. Good Lyrics always touches our hearts.

Favourite Music Director : R.D.Barman & A . R. Rahman .

Favourite Singer :

Bollywood : Kishor Kumar, Sonu Nigam & Shaan.
                 Lata Mangeshkar & Alisha C.

Beside India : Beside Indian singers I am a huge fan of Ricky Martin (Ricky Martin is the best Latin singer. Just because of him Latin music is so famous today in the world. I love Ricky.)
& Britney Spears & Jenifer Lopez .

Bands : In Band I like Junoon (Pakistan) & West life.

          Hmmmm! I think my friends & other people with whom I spend my time they can better know my positive points, but ya of course some points which I know about my self which I can share with you.
          I am good & deep thinker, May be I am good writer but hey hey hey!!! It doesn’t mean that I am going to write books or something like that I am not that good. I like to add & bring good things in my life. I always respect people & try to make them happy & avoid such acts from which they can feel hurt.

          Ohhh! Lot’s of , it’s very big list. I tell u some of them such as I start liking people very soon just because of this I suffer many times. From my point of view every person is good, very soon I get admired from them . My weakest point is that I am very Emotional & quite lazy etc.


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